Blue Cross Medicare Marketing Offer Book 2021

October 2020


Blue Cross Snowbird Booklet 2021

October 2020



Your Health Advantage Spring 2020

Spring 2020 https://www.bcbsm.co ... spring.pdf


Your Health Advantage Fall 2019

Your Health Advantage, September 2019 https://www.bcbsm.co ... tions.html

Editor-in-Chief and writer for fall 2019 Medicare member magazine.



Man’s Best Friend: School of Social Work alum is now a top dog at Michigan Humane

Wayne State University website, 07/07/2022 https://socialwork.w ... mane-48877

Force for Change: Standout School of Social Work student and instructor receives prestigious fellowship in Washington, DC - School of Social Work - Wayne State University

Wayne State University website, 06/21/2022 https://socialwork.w ... n-dc-48517

Blog about standout student and instructor

More Older Adults Aging in Place

LinkedIn, May 31, 2022 https://blog.uniteus ... g-in-place

It's Not Too Late to Improve Your AEP Performance for 2023

LinkedIn, 05/12/2022 https://www.linkedin ... eong%3D%3D

Unite Us LinkedIn blog

Preventing Child Abuse Through Coordinated Care

LinkedIn, April 2022 https://blog.uniteus ... 1651178436

Is Telemedicine Covered by Insurance?

GoodRx.com, June 2020 https://www.goodrx.c ... -medicare/

Telehealth -- What is it?

GoodRx.com, May 2020 https://www.goodrx.com/blog/what-is-telehealth/

Beware of These 10 Coronavirus Scams

GoodRx website, 04022020 https://www.goodrx.c ... g-schemes/

Article warning consumers about coronavirus scams.

How to Save Money Fast: 13 Easy Tips to Start Saving Now

Benzinga.com, July 2019 https://www.benzinga ... oney-fast/

5 Best Cheap Wedding Invitations Printers with Free Samples

Benzinga.com, June 2019 https://www.benzinga ... vitations/

A Guide to Mobile Banking

Benzinga.com, May 2019 https://www.benzinga.com/money/mobile-banking/

Debit Card vs. Credit Card

Benzinga.com, May 2, 2019 https://www.benzinga ... edit-card/

How to Calculate Cash Flow: A Step-by-Step Guide

Benzinga.com, May 2, 2019 https://www.benzinga ... cash-flow/

Top 5: Holiday Must Sees in Michigan

Trazee Travel, December 2014 https://www.trazeetr ... -michigan/

Travel blog highlighting Michigan destinations

Travel finds at the dollar store

Trazee Travel, September 2014 https://www.trazeetr ... lar-store/

Travel blog on dollar store finds

Five ways to pack smarter and lighter

Trazee Travel, August 2014 https://www.trazeetr ... r-lighter/

Travel blog on packing light


Blue Cross Preventive Care Brochure 2020

Online and hard copy


Blue Cross Medicare Plus Blue PPO veterans brochure 2020

Online and hard copy, October 2020


Group to Individual Ad Hoc Agent Flyer

February 2019

Agent flyer



IngenioRx website

October 2021 https://www.ingenio-rx.com/innovation/?locale=en_US

Innovations page -- wrote every article on this page

Allpoint Construction website

2018 http://www.allpointconstructionmi.com/

Developed all content for company website


MyChoice Wellness poster

September 2018

Sales poster advertising MyChoice Wellness plans.


News articles

Coverage when you travel

Detroit Free Press, 01/20/2018

Detroit Free Press article in Medicare special section. Ghostwritten for executive VP Krischa Winright.


Diehard U of M football fan owns the ultimate Michigan truck

Dearborn Press and Guide, March 2015 https://www.pressand ... 6d364.html

Longtime Ford employee takes top honors

Dearborn Press & Guide, April 2015 http://www.pressandg ... 08b5f.html

Newspaper article

Over the rainbow

Downriver News-Herald, December 2009 http://www.thenewshe ... ab40e.html

News article about actress from The Wizard of Oz


Email to members

January 2018

Email to members to support Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems initiative.



SSA letter to members

August 2018

Letter to members to accompany SSA booklet


Direct Mailers

Anthem Engage Direct Mailer

August 2021

Direct Mailer



Unite Us Connecting the Dots May 2022 Newsletter

LinkedIn, May 2022 https://www.linkedin ... Jlhg%3D%3D